Say hello to Flubaroo


There are some beautiful and useful tools offered for free. The only problem is to find them. A lot of web sites talks about helpful tools for the students, but a good class starts with a well prepared teacher. A tone of applications and web sites exists to help teachers with their class management, activities or assignments (1). One of those web sites is Google drive. If you don’t know this tool yet, you have to try it a least one. Google drive contains applications to help you with almost everything. One of them is Google docs. Thanks to this tool every teacher can create a quiz that corrects itself. Impossible? Must be a dream? No actually it’s Flubaroo (2).

Flubaroo is a free tool that helps teachers correct quickly multiple-choice and fill-in-blank questionnaires. The first step is to create a Google account (3) if it’s not already done. Then, get familiar with the Form section of the Google docs. After creating a new form, the teacher just have to create the questions, but do not forget that your first questions should help you identify the student.   Afterwards, you need to create an answer key.

After sharing the quiz with your students through Google docs, you have to install Flubaroo on your Google docs page.  End this is where the magic happens. Flubarro corrects the quiz for you. It shows you the grades, the answer and the statistics of the test. This way, you can see which question was the most failed and you can change it for the next time. This tool is easy to use and it helps to save so much time. It could be a teacher’s best friend.

Go check , all the details are there and the explanations are very clear and detailed.


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