Today’s class: “intro to Social Media 101”


One of the best advices a teacher gave me in high school was to create a professional e-mail address. My math teacher had us change our ridiculous e-mail addresses that we created when we were 10. We had to say goodbye to soccer_lover5678, awesome.Mccarty8, free_love_peace23 and pro.skate.oli3. Even if it was unreasonable for us at the time, today as a 22 year-old student, I am glad I changed it. Especially with the importance of technology nowadays, my e-mail address is everywhere, on my CV, on my stage documents, on my bank account, etc. First impressions are important and an employer is more reluctant to employ devil_bad_girl than Eloise_tremblay.   Thanks to my high school math teacher, I didn’t have to change it in my 20’s and reconnect with all my contacts. In high school and even primary school, should we show the students the importance of a professional profile on the internet (1)?

Facebook is almost a crucial social tool in kids’ life. If you don’t have a Facebook account you won’t be invited to the hottest party of the year or you won’t know the latest rumor about the cute intern.  It is easy to forget that every Facebook profile is public. To go through all the private settings is a laborious deal but it is worth it. The problem is that not all teenagers will go through it by themselves.  A quick lesson on how to use Facebook properly could help a lot of them get their first part-time job or can help them avoid some troubles. It would only take 30 minutes to show the base but I know that it would greatly help a few of them (2).

You’re Myspace, Twitter and Pinterest accounts can also affect you eventually. I am not proposing to tell the students to shut down all their web accounts. All I am suggesting is to teach them how to use those accounts properly or at least explain to them how it can affect them eventually.

Teaching how to use social Medias to students is primordial. We are always criticizing teenagers for their comportment on internet, but nobody teaches them how to actually use the internet.  An “intro to Social Media” course in school could be a great solution for a lot of problem (3).


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