Is the Ipad a tool worth considering ?

A lot of private schools have already included the iPad in the mandatory material. Even in elementary some schools have created special iPad Classes. Some parents may wonder if the price is worth it, but this tool is wonderful if used correctly. Thousands of applications are available to ease the classroom management or even to inform the parents on the student accomplishment (1). Of course, the student has better access to information and this is true for all subjects.  On your home page you can have a calculator, dictionaries, learning games and even books. With just one click you can have access to all the information needed.

Of course, there is some down sides, if you have  the possibility to download all the apps that you want, you can be tamed to play hungry birds, flappy birds or any other kind of bird game. This is where the role of the parent is important. It’s important to have control of what your kid is downloading on his Ipad. An easy way to do so is to keep secret the password of the App store. 

The iPad is a great tool not only for students but also for teacher. The number of apps to help them is astronomical and most of those applications are free (2).

I am not suggesting introducing the Ipad in every classroom, of course this is impossible. But it is a possibility worth considering.  

Some applications are simply wonderful and complete. For example, Cambridge University Press created an app to help learn phrasal verbs (3). The application is amazing, the design is exquisite and the exercises are fun and educational. For the advance learner, this application can be very useful.  

This is one example among thousands. Everybody should have the opportunity to try out an iPad. The educational potential is significant.


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