Facebook: pedagogical tool or teacher’s enemy ?

Facebook-logo-1817834_pngThe number of Facebook users is in constant growth. In March 2013, 1.11 billion active users were register on Facebook (1).

How many of us have procrastinated on Facebook in order to postpone writing a paper?  I’d say the majority. Facebook can be a great tool to stay in contact with old or foreign friends or even with our favorites companies and organizations. But it is also a trap full of Farmville, candy crush and Tetris. As a future teacher, I don’t think I’d risk asking the students to log on Facebook in order to complete a task for the class. The risks are too high.

Even if it is the most efficient way to share information nowadays, Facebook is a risky tool compared to more effective social media. The problem with Facebook is the public share of information. Anyone can have access to personal information about you.

The company created a page to help the users report bullying (2). But how efficient is this page? Facebook is a powerful tool that teenagers can use to bully or to degrade someone. Using this web site as a teaching tool is too uncertain. What if one student refuses to subscribe to Facebook? It’s not all parents who are fond of this site.

Some pedagogues claim that Facebook is a useful tool to exchange information with the teacher and other students (3). However today, most schools provide a web site to share information like forums for example.

To conclude, I personally don’t think that Facebook is the most efficient pedagogical tool available to ease  communication between the students and the teacher.